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There are many legitimate and respectable goals that businesses like ours have. We admire those establishments that serve designer foods and complex mixed drinks, and we appreciate the benefits offered by chain establishments with their consistent menus and recognizable interiors. We know there's a market for hipster organic themed restaurants, and hey, sometimes fast food is the way to go cause we’re occasionally in a hurry too. Sure, we admire those businesses trying to make a go of it in those ways, and in other ways that cater to trends and market directions. We just don’t want to be like them.


Our goal is to be an extension of your home, whether it’s your kitchen table, family room, basement, backyard, or man-cave. We want you to enter The Belmar like you enter your home (or as you’d LIKE to enter your home); to be greeted by people genuinely happy to see you, to be able to eat the things you like to eat, drink the things you like to drink, and feel completely comfortable and at ease doing either. Our Events, both regularly scheduled and special, are meant to be like parties in your friend’s basement or backyard, where you are simply yourself enjoying the moment and the people around you. One may choose to go to a fancy restaurant for a special night, or to a big venue for a major concert, but on those other nights, our folks are HERE; laughing with friends old and new, and not spending an arm and a leg to do it. Watching a game? We’re your place. Life’s got you down? We’ll try to pick you up. Don’t feel like cooking? We LOVE cooking for our people. Everyone who walks into The Bell is a regular to us. That’s why so many people visiting Binghamton seek us out. We are their home away from home.


If we don’t live up to these expectations, please seek me out and I’ll make it right. Just ask for Ed. I’m the owner, and I really, really do care.


Ed Hickey



Contact us to book a party or group gathering, to ask a question or offer a comment, or for any other reason whatsoever.

95 Main Street, Binghamton, NY 13905  /

T  / 607-724-5920

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